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Bouygues Telecom Launches Bbox Sensation, Integrating Bluestreak's MachBlue Product

PARIS, France — July 17, 2012 -- Bouygues Telecom has announced, on June 18th 2012, the launch of “Bbox Sensation”, which integrates Bluestreak Technology’s MachBlue™ product. This new “box” will be available on all of its networks (xDSL, Cable, Fiber) in France.

This new offering provides new services and a remodeled user interface, more fluid and intuitive than ever, with 3D menus, animations and reengineered applications such as VOD and the Mediacenter.

This new interface will also be available during the summer through a software update, over previously deployed set-top boxes.

The entire user interface (menus, 3D carrousels, animations, interactive banners, applications) is animated thanks to MachBlue™.

This new generation of Bouygues TV services is the result of a close collaboration between several different teams. Bluestreak is proud that its expertise and products have resulted in reaching an unprecedented level of sophistication in the industry. This new user experience is a serious rival to the very best experiences in the IPTV market, and allows Bouygues to distinguish itself from the competition.

This collaboration also highlights Bouygues’ continued confidence towards Bluestreak Technology’s ability to provide the products and services necessary to the achievement of its technological and commercial objectives.

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About Bouygues Telecom

As a full-service electronic communications operator (Mobile, Fixed, TV and Internet), Bouygues Telecom stands out for its innovative products and services and award-winning customer relations serving its 10.9 million Mobile and 1.3 million Fixed broadband customers, which include more than 1.5 million professional & corporate clients.

Each day, the company’s 9,800 employees develop solutions aligned with changing customer needs and deliver efficient support.

After pioneering the mobile talk-plan concept in France in 1996, Bouygues Telecom introduced the first unlimited call plans: Millennium (1999) and Neo (2006).

In 2007, Bouygues Telecom launched the first fixed-mobile convergence offer for corporate customers. Bouygues Telecom acquired its own fixed network in 2008 and became an Internet Service Provider (ISP), launching the Bbox broadband router.

In 2009, Bouygues Telecom invented the “all-in-one” solution with ideo, the first quadruple play offer in the market.

In 2010, Bouygues Telecom launched Bbox fibre, its very-high-speed broadband offer and began investing in Fibre-To-The-Home in high-density areas.

In July 2011, Bouygues Telecom invented mobile telephony 2.0 with B&YOU, the first SIM-only offer available exclusively on the web.

On 18 June 2012, Bouygues Telecom launched Bbox Sensation, its new range of routers packed with the most innovative technologies on the market that will transform the digital home experience. Bouygues Telecom's mobile network covers 99% of the French population, 94% with 3G+ up to 3.6 Mbit/s and up to 42 Mbit/s in large towns and cities.

In 2012, Bouygues Telecom was once again awarded “NF Service” certification from French standards agency Afnor Certification for the quality of its consumer and corporate customer relations services (mobile and fixed).

2,000 customer relations advisers, a distribution network of 650 Clubs Bouygues Telecom stores, 2,500 sales advisers and its websites combine to ensure optimum customer service.

About Bluestreak Technology

Bluestreak Technology is the leader in multi-screen and embedded runtime solutions.

Bluestreak Technology’s products are embedded in over 25 million connected devices today, delivering an outstanding user experience.

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Bluestreak Technology’s clients and partners include the industry’s leading operators and vendors, such as Bouygues Telecom, Funaï, Humax, Kaon Media, Mitsubishi, NDS, Orange, Pace, Sagemcom, Sharp, Sanyo, Sky Deutschland, Toshiba and Videotron.

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